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We support innovation in your business so you can make a greater impact on the world. We safely navigate tax policy to identify and optimize the monetary rewards you’ve earned. And we don’t receive a dime unless we uncover available savings.

Why Earnd and why now?
Great questions, valuable answers.

Innovation demands experimentation. It’s why inventors celebrate the number of times they didn’t achieve their goals – from Thomas Edison’s 1,000 attempts to invent the light bulb to James Dyson’s 5,127 failures to develop his bagless vacuum cleaner.

Yet innovating, building a business, and raising capital are growing more challenging as the Federal Reserve increases interest rates and venture investors retrench. There’s no better time than now to make sure you’re getting all the benefits and incentives available to you.

Your accountant is focused on preparing financial statements. And your venture investors are focused on getting your product or service out the door. At Earnd, we’re laser-focused on how to save or generate money from credits, incentives and other available stimuli by leveraging complex tax regulations.

Like you, we’ve been founders, engineers, builders, leaders and team members. We’ve been investors, advisors and service providers. In short, we’ve been in your shoes – leading new ventures, nurturing new products and processes, raising venture capital, experimenting, failing, trying again, and achieving successful outcomes.

Today, our team is composed of proven operators with extensive experience in tax credit accounting, consulting, finance, manufacturing, data analytics, software development, technology infrastructure and cybersecurity with plenty of CPA, MBA, MIS and other certifications.

Our subject matter experts have overseen the identification and collection of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits and other incentives for hundreds of companies. And, we are compensated only by your being successful in receiving credits and other incentives.

In real estate, the three most important things are location, location and location. For start-ups, emerging companies, and many mature ones, they’re resources, resources and resources. These are often correlated with people, capital for operating expenses and capital for investment.

In a nutshell, we can help your business reduce payroll taxes and/or income taxes so you can invest more resources in pursuing innovation or stretch your dollars to achieve more milestones with greater capital efficiency. Identified credits and other incentives provide material non-dilutive funding and facilitate carried forward profitability for qualified businesses and more mature companies.

By triangulating our subject matter expertise, forensic technical analysis and proprietary Innovation Acceleration Engine, Earnd identifies potential credits, stimuli, incentives and deductions. And, we provide tools to facilitate project tracking and substantiation processes to ensure you continue to capitalize on all that you’ve earned going forward.

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Meet some of our experts.

We are the sum of a diverse range of experience and skillsets working in concert to deliver savings for your business.

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Chief Product Officer
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Strategic Advisor
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Innovation isn’t exclusive to our clients.


Our proprietary Innovation Acceleration Engine™ combines deep, unmatched tax credit expertise with advanced technical analysis. It allows us to securely connect with your general ledger, payroll and other select systems to collect data and perform multiple inspections that ultimately help uncover every dollar-for-dollar credit you’ve earned.


We know how valuable your data is. Our cybersecurity experts are vigilant protectors of your systems employing advanced encryption and safeguards to mitigate risk and help ensure the integrity and privacy of your data.


To realize your estimated tax credits, you not only need forms, but also thorough documentation. Our experienced professionals prepare everything you need to facilitate compliance integrity including proof of all Qualified Research Expenditures and expenses required for other credits and incentives.