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How our R&D tax study works.

Federal and state governments encourage innovation by rewarding investments in research and development with tax credits that reduce the taxes you pay based on qualified expenses. Our experts can identify your eligibility and accurately predict your expected savings now, so you can get on with the business of innovation. These savings often include payroll tax credits plus other incentives and deductions.



First, we quickly determine if you qualify for R&D tax credits through a review of preliminary information. This step is as easy as answering a few simple questions. In general, criteria include:



Then, we request initial information to allow us to tailor the process to your needs. We collect data needed for calculations, preferably directly from your systems.

We dive deep — at both federal and state levels — against credit qualifiers, analyses, elections and more. To optimize value creation, we also investigate broadly, weighing strategic considerations such as the potential audit review and other critical success factors.



Next, we collect documentation to facilitate compliance integrity to fully realize the tax credits you’ve earned. We prepare the requisite tax credit forms and retain technical and financial documentation, as well as proof of all Qualified Research Expenditures and any expenses required for other credits and incentives.



Working together, we can supply any of your other trusted partners – from your payroll provider to your CPA – with the information necessary to apply your tax credit accurately against your payroll or income taxes.


Support and Compliance

And as tax credit, workforce stimuli, incentive and deduction laws and requirements change over time, we help you stay in compliance. We’re also here when you need us, long after the first engagement.